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ERIKS acquires Fischer GMBH Kunststoffpräzision

Today, ERIKS agreed, subject to the approval by the Bundeskartelamt, to acquire all shares in Fischer GmbH Kunststoffpräzision with modern production facilities in Laupheim (near Ulm) and Arnstad (Thuringen).

Fischer is active in the engineering and machining of high performance plastic parts for the equipment manufacturing market. Fischer products are being used in the food and pharmacy industry, in the chemical industry and in electronic applications.

Fischer employs in Laupheim 130 employees and in Arnstad 20. The company became throughout the years a specialist and a market leader in its activities on the German market. With this acquisition, ERIKS has strengthened its market position with machined industrial plastics considerably. Fischer will be integrated as a Core Competence Centre within the existing structure of ERIKS Germany.
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