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Tecapeek Classix™

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For medical-technical applications

Tecapeek Classix™ is an ultra-high performance biocompatible thermoplastic, the mechanical properties of which are comparable with those of Tecapeek and Tecapeek MT.

Polyaryletherketone belongs to the group of polymers which have the best chemical resistance and biocompatibility. It shows a particularly good combination of strength, rigidity, thoughness and hardness, which proves ideal for medical-technical applications.

The polymer can be processed and shaped using customary processes, such as injection moulding, extrusion, machining and compression moulding. This gives manufacturers of medical products and applications wideranging flexibiity in design and manufacture.

Main characteristics

  • extremely good chemical resistance
  • mechanical strength
  • dimensional stability
  • excellent abrasion and impact strength
  • can be frequently and repeatedly sterilised with conventional methods (hot steam, gamma radiation, plasma and ethylene oxide) without interfering with the mechanical properties
  • extreme resistance to hydrolisis, even at high temperatures
  • can be produced as thin as wall tubes
  • standard colour is currently creamy-white, further colours and modifications upon request


Tecapeek Classix™ is suitable for many medical-technical applications. Examples are catheters, medication dosing systems, devices in contact with blood (dialysis), endoscopes, surgical instruments, analytical instruments, measurement probes in the pharmaceutical area and short-term implants. Further examples of use are for functional parts in production, filling and packaging plants for pharmaceuticals.


The basic prerequisites for the medical-technical area have been demonstrated and are, of course, satisfied by Tecapeek Classix™ with regard to FDA conformity and biocompatibility testing according to USP. In addition, each raw material batch undergoes cytotoxicity testing. Semifinished goods are also tested for cytotoxicity according to ISO 10993 after the raw material stressing processes of extrusion and tempering for each production batch. In this way, the medical device industry has a highly qualified product at its disposal, which includes development safety and reliability.

Tecapeek Classix™ is suitable for medical-technical applications with less than 30 days blood contact. It is unsuitable, however, for applications in permanent implants, which are in contact with blood or tissue for longer than 30 days. For requirements which go beyond this, Peek Optima™ is available.

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