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Tecapro MT

ERIKS - tecapro

dimensionally stable and light weight.

Resistant to chemicals with stable colour.

ERIKS - Containers chirurgicaux en Tecapro MT

Sterilisation containers, eg. for surgical instruments have to provide high dimensional stability, especially throughout repeated sterilisation cycles. Due to a special stabilisation process, Tecapro MT shows a better resistance to higher temperatures than standard polypropylene. Compared to other materials, eg. stainless steel and PTFE, Tecapro MT possesses a much lower density which results in a reduced weight of the component parts. Standard colour is white, however, other colours can be produced according to customer preferences.

Preferred fields

Medical technology and food processing


Surgical trays, surgical related equipment, implant trials


  • good resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • can be repeatedly sterilised with hot steam
  • high dimensional stability
  • good machinability
  • laser marking possible
  • FDA conformity of raw material and colour pigments

Tecapro MT is also available as Tecapro San with an antimicrobial additive to provide additional safety.

Very stable after exposure to chemicalsERIKS - Tecapro MT

Exposure in two different chemical systems for cleaning and hot steam autoclaving:

  • Ecolab chemistry
  • Boxer chemistry
  • 300 cycles of exposure

The comparison between Tecapro MT and Tecafine PP shows good resistance to chemical agents. Minimal property variation of Tecapro MT in the Ecolab and Borer tests.

  • no optical changes
  • no serious changes in mechanical properties
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