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Cleanroom products


A clear vision on clean products

Due to a growing awareness in the field of purity, industry focuses more and more on effectively controlling manufacturing processes. Goal is to prevent technical components from being the cause of pollution in processes and systems. Pollution can originate from airborne solid particles, which can be visible or invisible. These particles are called aerosols. To avoid this type of pollution is an important factor in the pharmaceutical-, semiconductor- and food industry.

The purpose of using cleanrooms in these various segments of industry is to keep the level of contamination with particles and/or micro-organisms under a specified limit. The definitions of these limits are embedded in a diversity of guidelines and standards. The most important sources for contamination are personnel, used materials (including packing materials), buildings, machinery, air and raw materials.

In-house cleanroom at ERIKS

ERIKS, as a prominent industrial supply partner, is now able to prevent pollution and out-gassing of components by using its own cleanroom. Inside this cleanroom we clean hoses, seals, industrial plastics and valves in different ways. We make these products dustproof after which we pack them in the best possible way. Tight procedures and working instructions guarantee that our products are cleaned and packed under the best possible circumstances.

ISO class 7

The size of a human hair is 100 µm on average. Nowadays it is possible to filter up to 0.5 µm with very good results and relatively little effort. This filtering takes place in the cleanroom. This sealed space is filled with air in which only a limited number of particles, with a size of 0.5 µm or more, float about. The current norm for the industry is ISO 14644-1. Within this norm Eriks uses ISO class 7 (also known as class 10,000) for her cleanroom. The cleaning and packing takes place in an, even tighter, class 100 environment which is accepted by 90% of the industry.

Cleanroom cleaning and packing

ERIKS is fully equipped to take over your cleaning and packing activities in one’s own cleanroom. Out-gassing of rubber products by means of vacuum ovens is also an added ERIKS-value to the market. This applies for ERIKS as well as non-ERIKS products and could amount to attractive savings in time and money!

More information about the ERIKS cleanroom

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