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Molecular structure of Polycarbonate Molecule

bisphenol A - Carbonate

The bisphenol A component (moiety A) of the molecule is the principal contributor to the resin's relatively high glass transition temperature. And, the high rotational mobility of the carbonyl (moiety B) contributes to the high ductility and toughness of polycarbonate resins over a wide temperature range.


Polycarbonate sheet stands out for its top performance qualities like high resistance to impact and to heat (maximum working temperature in continuous of 120ºC). Because of such properties, PC is a suitable product for manufacturing protection elements, both for personal and machinery use.
PC sheets are also available in a UV version. Those sheets possess special co-extruded UV protection that permits them to be used in outside applications in witch they are exposed to UV light.

Polycarbonate can be printed by most printing methods. If they are to be printed, this can be carried out without any surface treatment.

Courant applications:

  • Machinery protection
  • Moulds
  • Protective shields
  • Security glazing
  • Construction components
  • Warehouse panels
  • Any industrial application that requires thermoforming
PC extruded sheets Product RangeSheets per pallet Thickness in mm
PaterncolourMaterial characteristicssizes0,7511,52345681012

Clear 211UV 2 sides3050x2050

Opal 215UV 2 sides3050x2050


Tolerances PC
Length+/- 2 mm
Width+/- 1 mm
Square3 mm
Thickness< 2,5 mm +/- 10%
> 2,5 mm +/- 5%
olympic stadion athens

Special coatings specific for PC sheets

Polycarbonate sheets with KASI-sol scratch resistant and special UV resistant coating

The most courant coatings (possible for minimum 5 sheets)
Abrasion resistant

Scratch resistant
KASI® - PC Flex (96kB)

  • Standard scratch-resistance
  • Good cold forming compatibility
  • Climatic and chemical resistance
  • UV resistant
Scratch resistant, warm forming
KASI® - PC Soft-Flex (105kB)
  • Scratch-resistance
  • Soft surface
  • Good warm forming capability
  • Climatic and chemical resistance
  • UV resistant
Scratch resistant:
KASI® - PCN (106kB)
  • Super scratch-resistance (inside using)
  • High surface hardness
  • Don't support temperature changing
  • Not UV resistant
Long term UV resistant:
KASI® - SunFlex (95kB)
  • Scratch-resistance
  • Special UV coating(10 years warranty)
  • Outside application
  • Sample: Atomium Brussel
The highest UV resistant level:
KASI® - SOL (102kB)
  • Scratch-resistance
  • The must in UV resistance
  • For horizontal applications (difficult)
  • Previous for temperature changing
  • Outside application
  • Sample: Athena Olympic stadium
Long term UV:
KASI® - UVP (95kB)
  • Scratch-resistance
  • UV-curing
  • Outside application
  • High surface hardness: 7H
Antistatic coutings
KASI® - AS (76kB)
  • Antistatic, reduced electrostatic charging
  • Basic antistatic coating (white rooms)
  • Blue aspect (like PVC-glass)
Antistatic, easy to clean
KASI® - AS DUR (95kB)
  • Easy to clean (nanomere addition)
  • Antistatic, reduced electrostatic charging
  • More scrub resistant than KASI-AS
Antistatic, scratch resistant
KASI® -AS Hart (89kB)
  • 2 properties together: antistatic and scratch resistance
  • Translucent aspect

They are still a lot of other coatings special options:

  • Colour coating (many possibilities)
  • Anti drop coating
  • Water spreading coating
  • Scratch resistant and anti-graffiti-effect

KASI Sunflex coating KASI Sunflex coating car Renovation of the Atomium in Brussel
Wide choice in different coloursKasi® - Sol + Colour coatingRenovation of the Atomium
in Brussel.
Kasi® - Sun Flex coating

All those coatings are available from a minimum quantity of 5 sheets!

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