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PE Polyethylene

Of all plastics, polyethylene has the simplest molecular structure due to its sequence of CH2 segments. The result is a long-chain molecule with few branches. Depending on the manufacturing process, polyethylene can be produced with high density (PE-HD) and low density (PE-LD).

These variants differ in the number of branches to be found in the material, which in turn reflects the degree of crystallinity. The smaller the number of branches, the higher the crystallinity because molecules can become attached to one another very densely on account of inner forces of attraction. Rising crystallinity also means higher density and a higher crystallite melting range.

In industrial applications PE-HD is the polyethylene of choice because it has favourable properties in terms of chemical resistance and mechanical characteristics. Molecular weights range from 300,000 for the field of pipes and apparatus construction to >1,000,000 for highly wear-resistant applications.

PE HWU(583kB) black
  • Molecular weight about 200.000
  • Density higher than 0,94 g/cm3
PE HWST(583kB) natural white
  • Molecular weight about 200.000
  • Density higher than 0,94 g/cm3
Other common types of PE
PE EL (510kB)

PE 100 (61kB)

PE-HML PE-HMG brochure (961kB)

 There are still a lot of PE special types on request. Please contact us for more information.

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