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PTFE-Coated Fabrics



Chemfab® Fabrics and Belting: Food Safety and FDA compliance

CHEMFAB® PTFE-coated fabrics offer excellent temperature, chemical, and fire resistance, release surface, weather ability, dielectric properties, and are FDA compliant. Markets served include laminates, electrical insulation, communications, food processing, heat sealing, chemical processing, screen printing, power generation, automotive, and aerospace.

CHEMFAB® has very product range line in the coated fabric industry, with over 50 different products.

  • Standard and custom products
  • Coating capabilities up to 1,3 mm in thickness
  • Premium and Standard
  • Heat Sealing Release, Food Belt, Anti-Static and Porous grades
  • Fiberglass, Nomex®, and Kevlar® base fabrics

Pressure-sensitive products available with acrylic or silicone adhesive

Main and standard qualities 
Primary: standard quality e type 700 
Premium: thicker PTFE coating e type 100 
Other types 
Industrial CHEMFAB®(62kB)
High performance CHEMFAB®(62kB)
Anti static CHEMFAB®(62kB)
Porous CHEMFAB®(62kB)
Open Mech CHEMFAB®(62kB)
CHEMFAB® Belting products (1704kB)
CHEMFAB® Product Range(593kB)
Food safety and FDA compliance 
Food safety and FDA compliance(107kB)

CHEMSIL: Glass fabrics with silicone coating


Coated fibreglass Silicone combines like PTFE Chemfab products, thermal and mechanical properties. Additionally, the silicone coating provides better friction properties than PTFE coatings.

Chemsil brochure (61kB)

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