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TECATOR: Polyamide-imide to meet the highest requirements
Outstanding thermal resilience and long-term stability

TECATOR satisfies the highest requirements. The material has particularly high thermal resilience and can be used both for cryogenic and high temperature applications up to 270 °C.
Furthermore, the very rigid material TECATOR exhibits high mechanical strength and toughness.
Due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion and extremely high creep resistance, the material is particularly suitable for highly demanding components.


Further characteristics are high long-term stability and high fatigue strength.
TECATOR is also self-extinguishing in accordance with UL 94 V-0.
TECATOR is resistant to conventional solvents, lubricants and fuels and can be used in contact with many different acids. It is also very resistant to high-energy radiation.
ENSINGER supplies:

  • The unfilled yellow-brown
  • The black tribologically modified in the form of rods and sheets.

Both versions can be easily machined using conventional tools and machinery. TECATOR 5031 PVX also has excellent abrasion resistance, plus good anti-friction and sliding properties.

Due to its outstanding material properties, TECATOR is suitable for use in automotive engineering, electronics, cryotechnology and in the aeronautical and aerospace engineering fields.

It is also the material of choice for demanding components in the fields of precision engineering, mechanical engineering, medical engineering, vacuum technology, as well as semi-conductor technology.
In comparison to metallic assemblies, components made of TECATOR are lighter but offer comparable properties and are used when weight savings are required.

TECATOR is suitable for switches and connecting parts, plain bearings, bushes, discs, piston rings, valve seats, sliding tracks, ball bearings, ball valves, casters, insulating parts and mechanically and thermally stressed engineering parts.


DatasheetMateriaalToepassingenEigenschappenTemp °CKleur
TECATOR 5031 (39kB)
Polyamidimide PAI

TECATOR 5031 PVX (39kB)
Polyamidimide PAI CS 12 TF 3

black, graphite, PTFE
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