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PP Polypropylene

PP-DWU is a homopolymer, permanent-heat resistant PP. Owing to its excellent property profile - especially high chemical resistance and corrosion resistance - PP-DWU is particularly popular in the field of chemical apparatus and tank/vessel construction. In addition, it is extremely cost-effective.

PP-DWU: Polypropylene standard (colour grey) made from isotactic homopolymer PP
PP-DWST: Polypropylene standard (natural white colour) made from isotactic homopolymer PP.
The properties of polypropylene differ from those of polyethylene, despite a similar molecular structure:
  • lower density
  • higher transition temperature
  • higher melting point
  • higher thermal dimensional stability
  • In the relevant standards and guidelines a distinction is made between the PP types:
    • H Homopolymer
    • B Block copolymer
    • R Random copolymer
      • PP-H, a homopolymer, has the typical PP properties. The copolymers PP block copolymer and PP random copolymer, on the other hand, are tougher, especially at temperatures below +5°C. However, they have less rigidity, especially at temperatures above 60°C.

Semi-finished plastics made from PP are often used in chemical apparatus construction exposed to temperatures between 0°C and 100°C.

Higher rigidity is especially desirable in the upper temperature range. For this reason only homopolymer PP is produced as standard range, except for reinforced constructions.

Others common types of PP

PP is also used for plastics reinforced constructions. For this typical application, it is possible to use two different types of polypropylene.

PP sk is the traditional type polyether-backed but as standard product, it exist also PP copolymer polypropylene-backed:
PP-DWU-SK: Homopolymer, permanent-heat resistant, grey, polyester-backed
PP-C-PK: Copolymer, permanent-heat resistant, grey, polypropylene- backed

Those PP-C-PK sheets have a lot of advantage:

  • Allows excellent three-dimensional thermoforming
  • It is not necessary to finish the fabric at welding zones
  • Better adhesive properties than PP polyester backing sheets.
PP-EL; Homopolymer, electrically conductive

PP-EL is an electrically conductive homopolymer polypropylene. This material is treated with electrically conductive particles which discharge the static. PP-EL has high surface resistivity and is ideal for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

PP-EL-S (special type) includes a flame-retardant additive.


  • Permanent-heat resistant
  • High chemical resistance
  • Electrically conductive
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Excellent processing capability

Special types of PP on request

  • PP-AS:  antistatic
  • PP-DW: for thermoforming and orthopaedic
  • PP white: special for laboratories and clean rooms
  • PP-EL-S: electrically conductive and flame-retardant
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