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The versatile engineering plastic with high strength and dimensional stability.

TECAFORM is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is characterised by its resistance to organic solvents and outstanding machinability.

TECAFORM has good sliding and abrasion behaviour and low water absorption properties.

  • High strength and hardness
  • Low water absorption
  • Very good machinability
  • Good UV resistance of black grades
  • Low adhesion forces for good sliding
Bearing block TECAFORM AH Belt guide bushing TECAFORM AD Cam guide TECAFORM AD
Bearing block TECAFORM AH:
Very good sliding properties, high strength, very good machinability.
Belt guide bushing TECAFORM AD:
Low water absorption,high strength.
Cam guide TECAFORM AD:
High dimensional stability, good sliding friction values.

DatasheetsMateriaalToepassingenEigenschappenTemp °CKleur

Tecaform AH
Datasheet (40kB)

Polyoxymethylen (Copolymer)
friction strips, gears, plugs, insulators, seals, housing parts, elementsGood chemical resistance. High resilience.100opaque
Tecaform AH GF 30
Datasheet (40kB)
Polyoxymethylen (Copolymer)
plug strips, levers, plugs, spring insulators, housing parts, skidsGlassfibre-reinforced acetal with very high strength100White grey
Tecaform AH LA
Datasheet (40kB)
Polyoxymethylen (Copolymer), lubricated
Friction bearings, friction strips, wiper blades, chain guides,Very good sliding and abrasion values. Low water absorption.100blue
Tecaform AD AF
Datasheet (42kB)
Polyoxymethylen (Copolymer) With PTFE lubricated
Friction bearings, sliding rails, gears, seals, wiper blades, insulating bushes, chain guidesVery good sliding properties (PTFE content). Low water absorption100opak

Other courant types of Polyamide

  • TECAFORM AH black
    Good UV stability.
    Very good machinability.
    Adjusted electrical conductivity
    Good UV resistance
    POM copolymere
    High mechanical strength.
    Very good machinability

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