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Multilene is the name chosen by ERIKS for high density polyethylene with a high molecular weight.
One will speak also about "ultra high molecular weight" for quite specific applications.
The polymerisation of the gas ethylene is carried out very slowly which causes the formation of very long molecular chains.

This manufacturing process brings to polyethylene interesting properties:

  • Wear resistance
  • Food Quality
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Properties of anti-adherence
  • Impact resistance
  • Quasi null moisture absorption
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Interesting ratio price/quality
Multilene1 Multilene2

There is a large variety of different qualities adaptable to all types of applications.
Usual qualities can be divide into 3 main groups:

The numbers 500, 1000, 2000 identify the type of multilene. It gives an indication about the molecular weight of the polymer.

Multilene3 Multilene4

The increasing of this molecular weight improves almost all properties and particularly:

  • Wear resistance
  • Held with the low temperatures
  • Impact resistance
  • Qualities of slip

Multilene PE-HMW 500 (mol weight of about 500.000)

The typical applications for Multilène 500 are found:

  • In food industry (cutting plates, shock-proof protections)
  • In the industrial applications where qualities of impact resistance are more important than the wear resistance (wood industry)
Multilene500-1 Multilene500-2

It also possible to provide plates (recently developed) which are a combination of Multilene 500 and TPE (thermo plastic elastomers) layers.

This material improves shocks absorbent capacities and also makes it possible to bond Multilene with other material via the TPE sheet.

Multilene PE-HMW 1000 (mol weight of about 3.500.000)

The typical applications of multilene 1000 are found where abrasion is an important phenomenon. The examples are numerous:

  • Anti-abrasion plates in a multitude of dynamic applications
  • Covering of the hoppers in the sector of the concrete
  • Anti-abrasion plates at the entries of locks (fenders)
  • Profile and belt tensioners for guides chains

Multilene 1000 datasheet (92kB)

Multilene1000-3 Multilene1000-2 Multilene1000-1

Multilene PE-UHMW 2000 (mol weight > 3.500.000)

The multilene 2000 types are qualities of ultra high molecular weight.
Thanks to addition of particular fillers, it is still possible to improve some quite specific properties.

Multilene 2000 DryRun 912 (103kB)
  • Special material designed for the packaging and machine industry.
  • Excellent for use in dry run conveyor applications.
  • The antistatic filler reduces static build up on fast moving equipment.
Multilene 2000 blue 588 (110kB)
  • By adding special filler, it is improve the wear resistance to achieve an even better coefficient of friction. It is designed as a lining material
Multilene 2000 962 (102kB)
  • High abrasion resistance and excellent sliding properties.
  • Because of the low coefficient of friction this material allows even lower transmission power.
Multilene 2000 F Ex 999 (106kB)
  • Advanced flame retardant properties.
  • This material is halogen free
  • great gliding properties and good wear resistance
  • High impact strength
  • The flame retardant classification is measured to UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standard using the method UL94 = V0, vertical flame test.
Multilene 2000 GB 675 (106kB)
  • Enhanced with glass filler which gives a higher abrasion resistance than standard material.
  • Excellent impact strength for tough applications.
  • The 983 is collared black for out door use and is UV-stabilized.
Multilene 2000 Rc yellow 10 (98kB)
  • Corrosion resistant and excellent abrasion resistance.
  • On the back side is a rubber compound.
Multilene 2000 blue 589 (96kB)
  • By adding special filler, material is able to with stand higher temperatures and still holds its abrasion resistance.
  • Improved low coefficient of friction (non-stick surface)
  • Ideal for lining applications were sticking or caking creates a build up of material.
Multilene 2000 H 925 (106kB)
  • Contain a unique antioxidant which protects the material at extreme temperatures.
  • This material grade is used in high temp applications were normal UHMW fails.
  • The material was designed to still operate effectively under lower load, with a temperature range peaking 150°C for a short time.
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