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PVC-C Post chlorinated polyvinyl chloride


Standard product:

PVC-C Industrial Grade: Post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride

PVC-C CORZAN FM 4910: Post-chlorinated, low-flammability PVC, Factory Mutual (FM) 4910 certified.

Available upon request:

PVC-C CLEAR FM 4910: Post-chlorinated, low-flammability PVC, Factory Mutual (FM) 4910 certified, clear
PVC-C is a post-chlorinated PVC which can be chiefly used in the chemical industry for chlorine electrolysis, in electroplating and in the paper industry.

PVC-C CORZAN FM 4910 and PVC-C CLEAR FM 4910 are post-chlorinated, low-flammability PVC listed by Factory Mutual (FM) for increased fire protection. They are used in the semiconductors industry and clean-room technology.

PVC-C is more difficult to process than PVC-U but has an increased level of thermal stability above 100°C and is especially resistant to chlorine attack.


  • Low flammability (PVC-C CORZAN 4910; FM 4910 certified)
  • Highly resistant to thermal deformation
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good processing capability

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