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The raw material for a new age. 

Parts made of VESPEL® Polyimid prove themselves to be extremely stable in their dimensions. Heat resistance which many other plastics do not achieve. Even placed shortly in a temperature reaching 482°C, VESPEL® parts do not melt or soften up.

  • very good wearing properties
  • electrically insulating
  • extreme heat resistance 
  • good resistance against acids
  • high long-term strength as well as an excellent resistance to shocks
  • no corrosion
  • low gas exhalation
  • excellent resistance to radiation
  • easy machining without special equipment or methods
  • good adaption to forms but does not warp
Insulation as a sensor protection made of Vespel SP1 Vespel Sealing rings in gear made of Vespel SP21
Insulation as a sensor
protection made of
VESPEL® SP1 heat
Slugs for electrical
insulating bodies in
welding blowpipes made
Sealing rings in
gear made of
DatasheetMateriaalToepassingenEigenschappenTemp °CKleur
Datasheet (40kB)
PolyimideMechanical and electrical parts at elevated temperatures, valve seats, seal, insulatorsBasic type without a filling. Maximum strength and elasticity. Optimal electrical properties.300natural
Datasheet (40kB)
PolyimideFor lubricated or non-lubricated, low friction and wear applications, valve seats, seals, bearings, washersContains 15 weight % graphite. Improved wear properties and heat resistance.300black, 15% graphite

Other courant types of Polymid

  • SP22
    Contains 40 weight % graphite.
    Minimum heat extension coefficient.
    Maximum creep resistance.
  • SP211
    Contains 15 weight % graphite
    and 10 % PTFE.
    Low static friction.
    For use in moderate temperatures.
  • SP3
    Contains 15 weight % MoS2.
    For friction utilisation in vacuum
    or inert gases.

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