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Vulkollan is based on polyol and naphthylene-1,5-diisocyanate (Desmodur® 15)
Vulkollan is a polyurethane produced by polyaddition with the exclusive use of:

  • Desmodur® 15
  • Polyol
  • And a cross-linking agent


The product forms of Vulkollan

Vulkollan is available in three primary forms:

  • Solid, glycol-cross-linked cast Vulkollan

Glycol cross linked PU Datasheet (152kB)

  • Solid, water-cross-linked pressed Vulkollan

Water cross linked PU Datasheet (125kB)

  • Cellular, water-cross-linked foamed Vulkollan

Foamed PU Datasheet (169kB)

Hardness range

Vulkollan fills the gap in hardness range between rubber/elastic material and hard plastics (e.g. polyamide). Its hardness ranges from 65° Shore A to 70° Shore D

Cellular Vulkollan is manufactured in a density from 350 to 650 Kg/m³

Vulkollan1 Vulkollan2 Vulkollan3

Applications areas

Because of its outstanding mechanical properties, Vulkollan is employed throughout the industrial sector where high demands are required for such materials.
Parts with varying weights, , ranging from a few grams to more than 100 kg per piece, are economically produced in large series as well as in one time production pieces.

Production capabilities

  • Technically moulded parts from drawings or samples
  • Vulkollan to metal bonding (e.g. covered wheels)
  • Balls (with or without metal cores)Vu
  • Sleeves, gaskets
  • sheets, strips,
  • tubes, rods
  • profiles

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